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I care about safety,
let me know more

Why I need this?

Be street smart and safety savvy in places you have never been before

Find safe routes walking home or exploring a city at any time of day and night

Save time - city’s safety ratings at your fingertipswith one click of the button

Save money - traveling on a shoestring and not certain of safety in less touristy area.

How it works?

Learn how others see the world from the perspective of safety

Rate how safe you feel at places you frequent or visit for the first time

No information you look for ? Ask a question and let Jane do the job for you

Jane is...

New kind of knowledge of how safe people feel at places they know or visit for the first time.

Personal insights from your friends and people with similar perception of safety.

All safety oriented data ratings collected in one place.

Do you know places in your hometown you feel uneasy at or try to avoid?

Jane will tell you about such places in cities you don’t know so well.

This is
not crime-mapping

Jane maps individual sense of safety, not criminal activities. There is no direct link between number of crimes and personal sense of safety, our gut feeling warns us of potentially hazardous situation.

Jane allows you to verify your gut feeling with personal experiences of other users

And how often do you check crime stats instead of asking others?

Why should
I trust Jane?

Global map collects and displays how most people perceive safety in a given area. Honest ratings equal reliable data, we try to match people with similar sense of safety.

Still distrustful? The special mode makes it easy to verify your doubts with people you trust.

Finally, every opinion matters but spam and offensive behavior have no place here.

It's racist and xenophobic! No

  • Perception of personal safety is very individual. Your private map is supported by collected data of users sharing similar sense of safety
  • You come across an unfair rating - go ahead and rate it too to avoid other users being misled.
  • Somebody else returns the favor for areas of your interest.

I feel safe in every neighborhood

Good for you! :)

Now let your friends feel the same!