Navigate safely
through an unknown city

Discover places where you may feel safety discomfort

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Don't be limited by the sense of insecurity

Be street smart and safety savvy in places you have never been before

Find safe routes walking home or exploring a city at any time of day and night

Save time with city’s safety ratings at your fingertips, one click of the button away

Save money when traveling on a shoestring and not certain of safety in less touristy area.

Start being proactive about your safety now

Be street-smart like a local

Learn from people who've been there

Share insights to help others be safe

Your own spectacles

We are building safety-conscious artificial intelligence to create your private safety assistance.

Jane learns from all people insights and allows you to see unknown places from the perspective of safety adjusted to your own sensitivity.

Safety comfort,
not crime statistics

You get the colorful map of the world but colors don't base on data from police. People themselves put colors that represent how safe they feel at particular places at any time of day and night.

How often do you check crime statistics
instead of asking others?

Never walk alone,
take Jane with you

to the new country you plan to visit,

when you travel with your girlfriend,

to an evening at neighborhood you don't know so well,


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Help others feel safe!

  • Tell Jane about places in your hometown where you feel uneasy or try to avoid.
    Let friends be aware of such areas in cities they don’t know so well.
  • Helping others you help yourself too! The more honest insights you share, the more adjusted knowledge your private map contains.
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