Navigate safely
through an unknown city

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I care about safety,
let me know more

Don't be limited by the sense of insecurity

Be street smart and safety savvy in places you have never been before

Find safe routes walking home or exploring a city at any time of day and night

Save time with city’s safety ratings at your fingertips, one click of the button away

Save money when traveling on a shoestring and not certain of safety in less touristy area.

Be proactive about your safety

Stay aware of the surrounding like a local

Ask questions to learn from people who know the area

Share your insights and adjust knowledge to your own sense of safety.

What is Jane?

We are building safety-conscious artificial intelligence, powered by people perception of safety, to leverage everyone's experiences to make you street-smart at places you're about to go.

Do you know places in your hometown you feel uneasy at or try to avoid? Jane will tell you about such places in cities you don’t know so well.

This is your gut feeling,
not crime-mapping

Researches say there is no direct link between number of crimes and personal sense of safety.

Jane maps an individual sense of safety, not criminal activities. All ratings come from people, people who feel the need to be proactive about the safety of their families and themselves.

How often do you check crime statistics instead of asking others?

Do not end up in places
you don't want to be

Jane provides you with the global map that presents how people perceive safety in the world.

There is a saying in the martial arts world "the best form of self-defense is not putting yourself in a position where you have to defend yourself”.

Trust yourself, but benefit from unique knowledge from others too.

It's racist and xenophobic! No

  • We understand that perception of safety is very individual and driven by many factors, not only nationality or sex.
  • Hence we match you with people who see the world from the similar perspective of safety and build your unique map.
  • The more honest insights you share, the more adjusted knowledge you will get.

I feel safe in every neighborhood

Good for you! :)

Now let your friends feel the same!