Mark the street or area with your finger
Level of safety: 100%
1056 meters, 15min

Safety map powered by your perception of security

Check how safe people feel in the area where you will sleep, eat ice cream and walk in the evenings. Then go.

Mark the street or area with your finger
Level of safety: 100%
1056 meters, 15min

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You deserve to feel safe

Safety is not a luxury. It's your right. Jane is a platform which provides you with reliable information about safety of a given area, shows you the safest ways to get there and suggests the best means of transportation.

Share your safety experience and benefit from the knowledge of the whole community.

Map that learns your needs

Jane collects data from people who feel similar as you, and creates a Personal Map, uniquely adjusted to your sensitivity and individual safety preferences.

The new era of travelling

  • Proactive solutions: act before something bad happens, not when it happens.
  • Discover how to avoid dangerous situations - and use it in daily life.
  • When you are aware of dangers, you are better prepared for unexpected situations
  • Know the level of day-safety and night-safety of an area. It’s not always the same.

Why is Jane the best guide to safe travelling?

  • Fast and reliable source of information about city safety
  • Platform for exchanging opinions and sharing experiences
  • Personal Map adjusted to your preferences
  • Always available
    for free
  • Growing base
    of monitored cities
  • Zero-tolerance for hate, racism & xenophobia